Project management software for professional services teams

No matter how many clients you have, ProjectManager has you covered. With project management tools to plan projects, track time, monitor progress, manage resources and create reports, ProjectManager improves every aspect of client interaction.  

Every role on the team, from a portfolio manager to a sales manager, can use our professional services project management software to better monitor, manage and plan their work. No hardware rollouts or extensive training programs required: just straightforward tools to help you stay productive and satisfy your clients.

Cloud-Based software

In-house and remote professional services teams can update status anytime, anywhere—giving managers full visibility to track progress. Data is reported in real time, so clients have the latest information.

Automated features

Project dashboards, timesheets and reporting tools all crunch task management and time tracking data automatically so you don’t have to. Set up email triggers for status updates and new task comments.

Tailored experience

Project management software for professional services that adjusts to your team’s needs. Get PPM dashboards and Gantt charts for project managers, or intuitive task lists and kanban boards for day-to-day work management.

Software built to handle any client

ProjectManager makes it easy for you to interface with your clients and execute your work. With portfolios that let you manage multiple clients, unlimited file storage and time tracking for accurate invoicing, you can handle any stakeholder that comes your way.

ProjectManager's portfolio management tools are ideal for professional services teams
ProjectManager’s dashboard is ideal for tracking professional services projects

Give your stakeholders a look into your work

ProjectManager lets you create guest accounts for your clients to give them visibility into your work. Real-time project tracking dashboards let you monitor progress, and you can generate reports in seconds to make sure your clients stay in the loop.

Robust professional services project management software

ProjectManager is a robust, yet user-friendly project management software for professional services teams, which allows them to plan, schedule and track their projects with multiple tools such as Gantt charts, kanban boards, task lists and calendars.

Plan with your team

Plan and schedule projects online. Link dependencies and keep teams unblocked. Collaborate at the task level, adding comments, documents and images. Status updates are instantly reflected to help with task management.

ProjectManager's Gantt chart can display professional services projects

Work how you want

Gantt charts, task lists or kanban boards are available for every project, so individuals can use their favorite task management and time tracking tools. ProjectManager’s work management features are ideal for either large professional services agencies or small firms. Change requests can be simply managed on a to-do list for the flexibility you need to stay productive.

ProjectManager's multiple project management views are ideal for professional services teams

Collaborate on tasks

Collaborate with team members on tasks by adding comments and files at the task level, so everything is in one place. Share tasks with anyone and link to other systems to have teams work better together. Automated email notifications keep everyone on the same page.

Manage your teams with ProjectManager's team management features

Time and expense tracking

Create project schedules, assign tasks and track team members with online timesheets that automatically collect hours worked, then securely approve them without leaving the professional services project management software. Progress displayed on dashboards and timesheets can be exported for seamless expenses and payroll.

ProjectManager's timesheets are ideal for professional services companies

Manage your resources

Manage resources alongside your project plans. Get visibility into your team’s workload, and assign them tasks based on their availability. See someone that’s overbooked? Reassign tasks with a few simple clicks.

Manage workload and resources with project management software for professional services

Create reports in minutes

Monitor progress with one-click status reports to keep teams on track. Keep clients up to date on work with individual project reports that can be filtered to offer high-level views or deep data dives. Know where you stand with portfolio management reports on tasks, timelines and status.

Create online project management reports with ProjectManager


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