The benefits of ProjectManager’s Slack integration

Once installed, quickly access, update and create tasks and projects using /slash commands and message shortcuts within a Slack conversation. Here are four practical applications of the integration.


Create a project in an instant

You never know when inspiration for a new project will strike. With ‘/project-create’, make a new project in ProjectManager without leaving Slack.


Make action items with ease

It’s common for Slack conversations to lead to new tasks and assignments. Make new tasks in ProjectManager directly from your chat window with ‘/task-create’.

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Transform messages into tasks

We’ve all received “that message” from a team member asking for last minute changes. Turn that message into a task, so no work slips through the cracks.


Update your progress from anywhere

Access your tasks from anywhere by searching for your task and updating it with ‘/task-search.’ Even from a mobile device, it’s easy to keep your team informed.

Integrate Slack and ProjectManager to streamline collaboration

ProjectManager’s Slack integration allows you to quickly access and edit your tasks via Slack on desktop and mobile. And unlike other integrations on the market, you can create new projects from within Slack, transform messages into tasks and more—making this add-on a legitimate project management tool.

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