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Real-time resource management

Assign resources, balance team workload and always have the right people and materials available for the job.

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Dependable cost & time tracking

Resource planning software keeps projects and teams moving without bottlenecks, and without going over budget.

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Dynamic plans & schedules

Incorporate resource plans and schedules into your larger project plan, so everything can be managed in one online project planning software.

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Make detailed resource plans

Resource planning software helps you schedule your resources with precision. Assign tasks, see how many hours team members are working and whether they’re over-or under-tasked. Reassign tasks with a simple drag-and-drop so your team is always productive.

  • Estimate planned costs & effort for better resource planning
  • Balance workload and monitor resources with dashboards
  • Set hourly rates and track time with timesheets

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Real-time availability for better scheduling

Team management features define working days, holidays and planned hours. Our personalized resource plan tools let you manage teams in different time zones with ease. By blocking certain days and setting parameters, you can simplify your resource plans.

  • Team members can log hours for each task
  • Compare planned effort vs actual effort via baselines
  • Drag and drop to adjust resource schedules

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Resource planning software with a real-time Gantt chart

ProjectManager’s resource planning software at a glance

With ProjectManager, you get resource planning tools that help you monitor how you allocate your human resources, materials and equipment. You’ll always know where you stand with our real-time dashboard and reports you can print, view or share in just one click.

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Gantt charts

Manage tasks, dependencies and milestones on the industry’s best Gantt chart.

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Your resource management data is automatically calculated and presented in graphs.

Kanban boards

Create flexible workflows with drag-and-drop cards and custom columns.

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Share customizable status reports for your stakeholders.

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Workload charts

Keep your team working efficiently with resource planning tools.

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Plan your project portfolio on a powerful roadmap, perfect for managing multiple projects.

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Get online timesheets your team can update anytime, anywhere.

Key resource planning tools

Keep teams balanced

Balance your team’s workload on the Team or the Workload page. With these resource management tools, it’s easy to know who has too many and who has too few assignments. Easily reallocate resources from the workload page to help your teams stay productive.

Resource planning software with labor hours

Know when teams can work

Block out the days your team is not available to work to make assignments more efficient. Define working days, paid time off and holidays, with local and international options for remote teams. Now, it’s easier to know your resource availability, plan your resources and set schedules for teams and tasks.

Resource planning software with global holiday settings

Calculate costs automatically

See your actual vs planned costs automatically, and track your real expenditure during the project in real time. As teams log their hours, actual cost is updated throughout the resource management software on dashboards, reports and more— making it easy to control your budget in real time.

Resource planning software with dashboards and cost tracking

See time left on tasks

When tasks are completed, logged time is automatically updated on our timesheet feature and tracked on the dashboard. Teams can update their tasks on any of our project views, and that data is shared throughout the resource management software—so you know if the task is staying within budget.

Resource planning software with timesheets

Monitor progress in real time

Use resource management tools and track key project management metrics, all in one place. Our real-time dashboard automatically calculates your project’s health, costs, tasks and more, and displays them in easy-to-read graphs and charts. Updates are reflected on the dashboard, so you always know the current state of your resources.

Resource planning software with full dashboards

Stay updated on crucial data

Generate granular reports on workload, availability, timesheets and tasks to better manage your project resources. Filter each resource management report to show just the information you want. Reports can then be shared for stakeholder presentations that keep everyone updated on progress.

Resource planning software with project reports

Integrate with over 1,000 business & project management apps

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Manage tasks right in your Gmail app. Plus, sync to Google Drive & your Google Calendars.

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Seamless importing and round-tripping of Microsoft Project plans, Excel files and CSV files.

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Keep the data flowing when you connect with Salesforce via our Zapier integration.

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Share all your project conversations in your favorite Slack channels.

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View and update all your ProjectManager tasks in Jira for maximum efficiency.

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For more advanced integrations, take advantage of our custom API.

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