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Create projects, import your work from popular third-party apps or use one of our industry-specific templates to get started with our project planning software.

Collaborate with teams

Onboard the team and create a collaborative hub for everyone to work on your project plan. Work better together from anywhere with online project planning tools!

Track and share progress

Our project planning software has Gantt charts, kanban boards, task lists, calendars and dashboards for a full view of the health, progress and costs of all your projects.

ProjectManager is a project planning software with PPM tools

Powerful, yet easy to use

ProjectManager’s user interface is easy for anybody on your team to use yet sophisticated enough for those who like to get the most out of their project planning software.

  • Manage complex workflows with task and time-tracking features
  • Track resource management plans & manage workload
  • Handles teams from ten to ten thousand

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Maximize results, reduce costs

No more guesswork. ProjectManager provides real-time task management data so you can always direct your effort to what makes the most impact.

  • Set project baselines to keep project plans on track
  • Manage project budgets with cost management features
  • Track resources across a project portfolio

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ProjectManager is a project planning software that's ideal for construction, as shown in this dashboard

ProjectManager’s project planning software at a glance

ProjectManager is an award-winning project management software equipped with the best project planning tools for project managers and team members. Choose between Gantt charts, kanban boards, task lists and more. Here are some of our key features.

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Gantt charts

Track the critical path, task dependencies and milestones on the industry’s best Gantt chart.

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Project management dashboards

Your project data is automatically calculated and presented in graphs.

Kanban boards

Create flexible workflows with drag-and-drop cards and custom kanban boards.

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Project reports

Share customizable project status reports for your stakeholders you can print or share online.

Workload charts

Keep your team working efficiently with resource planning tools.

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Plan your project portfolio on a powerful PPM roadmap, perfect for managing multiple projects.

Project calendars

Built-in team and project planning calendars that sync with your Google Calendar.

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Get online timesheets your team can update anytime, anywhere.

Powerful project planning tools for any team

Plan long and short projects

Online Gantt charts make project planning easy, no matter the size of your project. Your task list is organized on a project timeline, so you can link those dependent tasks and monitor progress in real time. Add as many columns as you like and customize the Gantt to match your project. Tracking tasks and costs keep your project on time and within budget.

ProjectManager's project planning software showing a construction project with milestones

Organize work for your team

Prioritize your tasks; tag them by project, assignee and more to make them easy to find quickly. Use Gantt charts, kanban boards and task lists to plan a project or manage your own workload and increase efficiency. Our project planning software offers unlimited file storage, so you can attach as many documents to your tasks as you need.

ProjectManager's project planning software listing out project tasks

Teams manage their own tasks

See your team’s workflow and stay clear of bottlenecks with our kanban board. Teams know what they need to work on next and managers get transparency into the process. You can match project resources to your team’s capacity and boost their productivity.

ProjectManager's project planning software showing a kanban board for a manufacturing project

Collaborate and balance workload

See everyone’s hours with our color-coded workload page. Then reassign tasks to balance your team’s work with a couple of clicks. For a quick snapshot of today or this week, check out the team page to see everyone’s tasks. You can reassign tasks from here, too.

ProjectManager's project planning software showing a live project dashboard

See your progress as it happens

Monitor your project’s progress, variance, tasks and more with automated project reporting features. See the data you want by filtering the report. If you’re looking for a more high-level view of the project, our project planning software tracks it. We crunch your data into colorful project dashboards, graphs and charts, so you can keep your project plan on track.

ProjectManager's project planning reports

Better than MS Project

Easily import Excel and MPP files into our software, so now you can share and edit project plans without hassle. Better yet, lose the headaches of Microsoft Project altogether. It’s expensive, hard to use and we do all that MS Project does only better, faster and more easily.

ProjectManager's file import pop up showing on the project planning software screen

Integrate with over 1,000 business & project management apps

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Manage tasks right in your Gmail app. Plus, sync to Google Drive & your Google Calendars.

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Seamless importing and round-tripping of Microsoft Project plans, Excel files and CSV files.

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Keep the data flowing when you connect with Salesforce via our Zapier integration.

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Share all your project conversations in your favorite Slack channels.

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View and update all your ProjectManager tasks in Jira for maximum efficiency.

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PM api


For more advanced integrations, take advantage of our custom API.

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