Build project reports faster

Analyze data, filter for specific insights and easily share your findings with our project reporting software.

Get the latest data for the team

Our cloud-based project reporting tool is always up to date, so your reports are always accurate and capture the latest changes.

Easy project reporting templates

Create status reports, variance reports and more with just a few clicks. ProjectManager does the hard calculations for you.

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Customize reports as needed

Our project reporting software allows you to customize your project and get just the data that you and your shareholders need to make decisions.

  • Filter for only the projects and data columns you want
  • Drill down to see particular team members or tasks
  • Report on progress, workload, costs, time and more

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Report across all your projects

With ProjectManager, you can generate portfolio views of project health and performance across all your projects, and drill down to view individual projects and groups.

  • Report on all projects, or only specific ones
  • See the most current project management info
  • Gain details for actionable insights
Project reporting software showing a bar chart
Project management reports menu in project reporting software

Run a project report in any format

Don’t let computer compatibility issues stop your stakeholders from being informed. Our cloud-based project reporting software lets you print, export and share reports, online or offline, in a variety of formats.

  • Download as a .pdf, Excel or .csv file
  • Print a physical copy for in-person meetings
  • View progress on live project dashboards

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Your complete list of project reporting tools

With ProjectManager, you get advanced project management tools that help you monitor every aspect of your project and your teams. You’ll always know where you stand with our real-time dashboard and these executive-ready reports you can print, view or share in just one click.

Project tracking

One-click project status reports give you all the data you need to monitor your project.

Portfolio management

View progress across all your projects and teams with the portfolio status views.


Get reports on individual and team timesheets, across any timeframe you choose.

Resource availability

View your resource availability on specific projects, so you can plan smarter.

Project plans

View your project plan in an easy-to-read report to track costs, assignments and progress.

Task management

Report on task progress by project and team member to always know where you stand.

Workload management

Get online workload calendars and timesheets your team can update anytime, anywhere.

Real-time dashboards

Get online timesheets your team can update anytime, anywhere.

Essential features for our project reporting software

Monitor progress as it happens

With our cloud-based project reporting tools, you can track project or portfolio progress in real-time on the dashboard. Get colorful graphs and charts that automatically calculate costs, health and several more metrics for each of your projects. Share the data with stakeholders and keep them updated.

Project reporting dashboard within reporting software

Track your team’s status

Generate reports on team and project status, timesheets, workload, expenses and more with just one click. Get the data you need to make better project management decisions, and customize reports to show only the information you want. Filter project and data to go deep, then easily share them.

Project reporting software status report screen

Make reports with timesheets

Our project reporting software has built-in timesheets, which are automatically updated as your team logs hours on tasks. Customized timesheet reports show your team, or team member, across a timeframe of your choosing. Monitor progress on time, workload and availability. Share reports as a PDF or a spreadsheet.

Project reporting software timesheet with time tracking

Enhance team collaboration

Keep track of your team on the team management page, and get a high-level view of their work. Use reports on tasks, workload and several more metrics to get deeper insights. See how individual team members are doing by filtering reports to drill down on their performance for better task management.

Project reporting software with team management page

Track workflows with kanban

Combine our kanban board view with project reporting software features to get a more robust view of your project’s progress. Our kanban view visualizes your team’s workflow. When teams update their status, reports automatically calculate their progress to help you manage their workload.

Project reporting software with kanban for tracking workflows

Resource management reports

Generate reports on tasks, timesheets and availability to control your project resources. See if the project is on time, or slipping behind schedule. Then track time, tasks and more to find the bottleneck. We also have an availability report and other project management tools to help you reassign your resources.

Project reporting software with resource management feature

Integrate with over 1,000 business & project management apps

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Manage tasks right in your Gmail app. Plus, sync to Google Drive & your Google Calendars.

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Seamless importing and round-tripping of Microsoft Project plans, Excel files and CSV files.

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Keep the data flowing when you connect with Salesforce via our Zapier integration.

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Share all your project conversations in your favorite Slack channels.

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View and update all your ProjectManager tasks in Jira for maximum efficiency.

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For more advanced integrations, take advantage of our custom API.

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