We need to chart new pathways for sustainability transformations at scale to meet the food, energy and water needs of 10-billion people.
The LIVES Project combines models used in policy making with deep learning approaches and citizen science to catalyse collaboration in
complex and challenging situations.

The LIVES Project is helping to shape the future of water-energy-food nexus research. We are challenging assumptions about why and how participatory modelling helps us to address complex problems. Using reflexive analysis and experimental testing approaches, our research shows how open and participatory modelling processes – not just results – can bring about
new nexus governance outcomes.

The food-energy-water nexus forces us to acknowledge that everything is interlinked in ways we do not fully understand. This is complex and confronting for science, policy and people. The LIVES Project is testing a new mix of system dynamics modelling and social science methods to enable new
innovations emerge from this uncertainty.

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